Instant Web Database Publishing v3.6

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[if: (lasso_tagExists: 'db_names') == 'false']

The Database Info Module must be installed in order to use Instant Web Publishing.
[else] [if: (form_param: 'theDB') != ''] [if: (form_param: 'theTable') != ''] Please Select a Primary Key for [form_param: 'theDB']:
    [inline: database=(form_param: 'theDB', encodeNone), table=(form_param: 'theTable', encodeNone), show] [if: error_currentError == error_noError] [loop: field_name: count]
  • [field_name: loopcount] [/loop] [else] An error has occurred: [error_currentError, encodeBreak] ([error_currentError,errorCode]) [/if] [/inline] [else] [if: ((lasso_datasourcemodulename:(form_param:'theDB',encodeNone)) == 'FMRemoteDataSource') || ((lasso_datasourcemodulename:(form_param:'theDB',encodeNone) == 'FMDataSource'))] [var_set: 'tbl'='Layout'] [else] [var_set: 'tbl'='Table'] [/if] Please Select a [var:'tbl'] for [form_param: 'theDB']:
      [db_layoutnames: (form_param: 'theDB', encodeNone)]
    • [db_layoutnameitem] [/db_layoutnames] [/if] [else] Please Select a Database:
        [db_names] [if: (db_nameitem != 'LassoSecurity') && (db_nameitem != 'LassoUsers') && (db_nameitem != 'LassoFields')]
      • [db_nameitem][/if] [/db_names] [/if]